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"WoW! This tool is QUICK MAN!!!!!!!!!!"


This tool is QUICK MAN!!!!!!!!!!

It went through 20K keywords in under 10 min.

Now I have a list of 60+ keywords that have at least $1+ CPC, easy-medium competition and min. 1K searches.

And Some of them even have free EMD!


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"One Awesome Tool."

"One Awesome Tool.

Worked like a charm on Win 7 64bit. No Crashes at all.

This tool is a complete Piece of cake to the people who knows the Value of Keywords.

I have 20 Keywords with 40k local searches and Min 1$ CPC. Sound's Awesome Right.

It doesn't stop over there, I further analysed using the competition Feature, Have a Green Signal (28 Difficulty Value).

Cross Checked it with Traffic Travis, Everything was Exact!!!

And again, There is a Better feature to CHeck the EMD. I was Damn Lucky to have EMD for almost all KW's i Just Harvested.

I'm not promoting clyde's tool here, I Just know him yesterday and as a Developer of this tool.

This is one of the Best Keyword tool ever Developed. Thanks Clyde."

derago21, Jr. VIP
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"Love this so much lol"

"I found a keyword with 60500 exact searches, $1.28 CPC, and has "25" competition. Looked in market samurai and it will take like literally no time to rank for it as a website with only 7 indexed pages and has a total of 3 backlinks and is ranking #5.

Love this so much lol"

Sleinad, Power Member
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"...this should sell like the preverbal hot cake!"

"I jumped in and can concur this thing is pretty awesome....its quick, easy and no other tool currently has the ability to mine keywords from G at this level. If it has competition analysis coming online in the near future this thing will rock the socks off most other tools.

My next question of course is where is the bloody aff program cos this should sell like the preverbal hot cake!"

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"...blows through thousands of keywords in minutes."

"I own and use the snot out of Market Samurai. However I got the trial to Ultimate Niche Finder and it's amazing. I've gotten quite a few amazing keywords with EMD's from it. I've gotten a ton of good-enoughs from it. It blows through thousands of keywords in minutes. I'm extremely impressed with it. "

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"...ultimate niche finder pwns all, ms is the next best.."

"as of right now, id say ultimate niche finder pwns all, ms is the next best, thats just me. although I also like to do my niche finding manually.."

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"put Market samurai out of touch.."

"It's definitely ultimate niche finder. It's new but has already put Market samurai out of touch (my 2 cents) "

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"...a jawdropping keyword tool... :)"

"Hi Clyde!

Thanks for getting back to me so fast!

I woke up today, fired up UNF, there was an update!

After I updated my adwords accounts work perfectly! I didn't even need to use yours!!!

Clyde seriously, this is a jawdropping keyword tool... :) I'm ecstatic!

Since I'm keeping it for sure, now I can't wait for the 7 days to finish so that I can get access to the uniches lifetime access prelaunch bonus!!! (I already created a free account XXXXXX@gmail.com, hopefully my account will be upgraded somehow?)

Amazing and fast support!

THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN (especially for offering an adwords account of your own to help me out)

Through E-mail

"UNF excells beyond MNF and all the others..."

"As many of you know I develop tons of small content farms so I depend on this type of keyword & niche finding tool more than any other. This does JOB #1 in my industry. I've used MicroNiche Finder the most for this pursuit before now, and I have experience with many other tools including Keyword Elite, Wordtracker, Market Samurai and some other made-for-IM products.

UNF excells beyond MNF and all the others in three areas:

1. Fantastic Proxy and Captcha support, which both equal more power to aid our searches.

2. Far better sorting and filtering to help us find exactly what we're looking for each and every time. This additionally saves us money and time.

3. Updating. UNF updates automatically and quickly, unlike the desktop-based competition that does this important task the hard way, making you download files manually to your desktop and install from there. (And you do want a desktop-based solution if you care about privacy and speed.)

As for every other feature, I felt it was on par but slightly cleaner & snappier than MNF so I'll let someone else talk about those points. (Although the Difficulty score was obviously smarter than MNF's too.) For this review I'm going indepth on just these..."

WickedFire Forums
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"...UNF is pure brute force."

"I typically don't post in SBT for reviews, but I gotta say, clyde did well. I'm a serpiq user also and this tool gets the hard to reach places clean that the other can't touch. Both have their strong points, UNF is pure brute force."

erect, Moderator
WickedFire Forums
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